Data counter widget (DCW) is an easy-to-use and simple Android widget to keep track of your network traffic.

I wrote this application because I wanted to keep an eye on my data usage without having to start any applications. With the Data counter widget on my home screen I always have an idea of how much traffic I've used latley and I'm not afraid of having to pay extra.


Some of Data counter widget's features are:

  • - See the traffic for:
    • - this month
    • - this week
    • - this today
    • - a custom monthly date
    • - all time
  • - Monitor different traffic types:
    • - Cell network (GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA/UMTS/4G etc)
    • - Wi-Fi/WLAN/wireless
    • - Wi-Fi tethering
    • - Bluetooth bridging
  • - Choose between two different widget sizes (2x1 and 1x1)
  • - Set widget update rate
  • - Choose between KB (1024 Bytes) and kB (1000 Bytes)
  • - Choose between different widget backgrounds
  • - Set a custom font colour when using transparent background
  • - Click widget to see more detailed statistics
  • - Export data to SD card in CSV format

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Screenshot #1

The widget placed on the home screen.

Screenshot #2

The statistics screen.

Screenshot #3

Time span selector

Screenshot #4

Widget menu

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Does Data counter widget (DCW) drain the battery?
A: No. On my Nexus One DCW doesn't show up in the statistics at all of what has used the battery. On Android 1.5 and 1.6 DCW seemed to use 2%, sometimes 3%, on the phones I used earlier on. You can check this yourself by going into your phone's settings and find the battery use overview (from Android 1.6) or you can take a look at this overview when the phone tells it's running out of battery.

Q: Why doesn't my data traffic show up on my brand new device which was released just days ago?
A: Probably because the vendor has named the network interface something new which isn't standard. Please click the widget, open the menu and select Feedback..., then Report a problem and then send the generated e-mail. Then I should have the information I need to to fix the problem. :)

Q: Why doesn't any data show up for Bluetooth?
A: Actually, the Bluetooth is only being counted if you're using the Bluetooth network encapsulation protocol (BNEP), that is bridging using Bluetooth. So this does not count the regular Bluetooth transfers that most people do. If you are using BNEP and think there's a problem, please give me a word about it.

Q: Can I get Data counter widget in my language?
A: Of course! :) But I do need your help translating the application. What I need is to have all the words in default language file replaced with the words in your language. You can use any text editor to edit the file. There are more instructions in the file. So far the app has been translated from English to Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. You could give me a heads up if translating the file so that I can put up a notice here, so not more than one person starts the translation for the same language. From the statistics on Android Market I see that it would be really nice to also have the app translated into Dutch, Swedish, and Chinese.

Q: Is the data counting 100% correct?
A: No, it is not. The way the Android OS works it isn't possible to get the exact data usage at all times. The Data counter widget is balancing battery usage and accuracy. The more often the app is allowed to run, the more accurate will the results be. However, when connecting and disconnecting to networks and turning off the phone there's likely to be some data that isn't counted. Also, Android might choose to suspend running services and delay the run. Using any apps for closing off the data traffic will clear out the data - often before it has been counted. In addition to all this it seem like some mobile network providers add some extra traffic from what the phone counts as data. Please refer to your network provider for 100% accurate numbers and note that Data counter widget should be used as a guiding tool. The developer is not resposible for any data you have been charged for.

Q: How much money have you made on Data counter widget?
A: Per start of 2011 I have received 73,26 USD in eleven donations. :) From New Year's Eve 2010 I also started pushing a pro/donation version on Android Market for about 2.85 USD (I get 70% of that) through my version 1.5.0 (it was available a bit before this date).

Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: Please send me an e-mail at dcw at roy solberg dot com. Please note that I do get a lot of e-mails and that I don't always have time to answer right away.

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Just search for data counter in the Android Market.

If you, for some reason, want to download an earlier version you can browse the releases and download manually. To install an APK file on a phone you need to first go to your settings and allow installations from socalled unknown sources.

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If you enjoy this application please consider buying the Data counter pro on Android Market or giving a donation. Donations can be sent through PayPal. You can use your credit card for this if you don't have a PayPal account. It's highly appreciated. :-)

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Please look in the text file with the changelog for details on what is changed from one version to another.

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